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Lee, An Arkwright Scholar

16 October 2018 

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Technical Education is well on its way.

2 February 2017 

Technical Education is well on its way.

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Gary Holmes

Our vision

1 August 2016 

This month's blog is written by Prof Gary Holmes, Chair of UTC South Durham's Trustees, who has led the project from its design stage four years ago.

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Boy and goggles

Specialist equipment

5 July 2016 

As we get to within a couple of months before we open, we're into the detail of specifying and ordering the remainder of our specialist equipment.

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Tom Dower leaning

Pastoral support and wider student care

9 June 2016 

With three months to go until we welcome our students through the door, my thoughts have turned significantly to both the practicalities of opening a school and how it will feel for our students in the first few months.

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Tom Dower and Jenny Trapp

Curriculum and staffing

9 May 2016 

Jenny Trapp, recently appointed as our Deputy Principal, 'takes over' the Principal's blog for this edition and writes about our curriculum and staffing.

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Lifting platform

Building design

29 February 2016 

I walked around the site a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It's one thing looking at plans and quite another to see it happening in real life.

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Staff recruitment

1 February 2016 

As we embark on a process of recruiting staff for the first year, I wanted to stop and reflect on what's important in our recruitment process, the staff we aim to appoint and how we differ from most schools and colleges.

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Arthur Dower

What is Engineering?

1 December 2015 

When I talk to a teenager and they say they want to be an engineer, I wonder what they mean. In the vast majority of cases they do too.

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Boy with safety goggles


28 October 2015 

In my many conversations with families over the last few months, one theme which stands out is them trying to understand the routes open to their children to gain meaningful qualifications and set themselves up for a career.

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Girl with arm

Young women in engineering

12 October 2015 

A discussion I’m having frequently at the moment is about the key challenge for engineering and manufacturing businesses in recruiting women and the need to inspire girls to start off in STEM careers.

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Results day

10 August 2015 

It's results day - how useful are GCSEs in measuring our success as schools? Surely the primary objective for education is preparing young people for the rest of their lives, including ensuring that they are ready to thrive in work.

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