GCSE Tips and Tricks

As it draws closer to next years’ Year 11 exams, Year 10 students at the UTC will be doing a week of mock exams commencing the 12th June. By doing this, the students will get a taste of what it will be like when it finally comes to doing the actual GCSE’s.

Students have begun revising and are consciously becoming more committed to this as exams week gets closer. They’ve discovered several resources while doing this and thought it would be valuable to other students who are in the same situation.

Some useful websites available are:-


https://revisionworld.com/gcse-revision (An account needs to be created for this)



Gojimo (An app you can download on your electronic devices)


Of course there are more than just websites available, there are also many revision guides that your school will most likely own and you will probably be able to purchase them.

Apart from the literal revision it is very important to be mentally prepared. Some ways to take care of yourself are:-

-Take regular breaks, don’t cram lots of revision in at once or it won’t sink in!

-Make a revision timetable on what to revise and when.

-Eat healthy and drink water, it is vital to stay healthy so you don’t miss your exams.

-Sleep well.


To help with the organisation of your revision and time handling, apps such as The Revision Ace let you make a revision plan, record the time spent on each subject and track your progress as you go. Alternatively, you can create a colourful PDF timetable with the help of getrevising.co.uk, which will even suggest a schedule for you to follow. 

GCSE’s, although they are given to students at what could be considered as quite a young age, can determine a person’s future. Consequently, it is important that students try their very best in these exams as they decide which colleges you go to etc, which will, in the future, deicide which jobs are available to you.

So remember to keep revising, try your best and good luck!                     


By Megan Jackson and Alex Paterson