What will it be like?

We expect a lot from our students. A positive and hardworking attitude is essential to take advantage of all the activities available. It will feel more like work than school, with a long day, business dress, lack of bells and being on first name terms with staff.

You'll have a timetable which will be split into sessions to cover the subjects you'll be studying. All the staff will be working on making topics interesting and relevant to the world of work. You'll do plenty of practical work to bring the theory to life and develop the skills that employers are looking for.

One day a week will be your project day - you'll get out into companies on visits and placements as well as working in teams to solve challenging real-world problems. You can join a range of clubs focused on aspects of STEM education which interest you and can be involved in setting up new groups to develop new skills.

All students will have independent study time, an opportunity to work with your project team, continue with some designing or research topics which interest you. You'll be able to book out a laptop and find somewhere to develop your Computer Aided Design or coding skills. What an opportunity to boost your confidence and get ready for a fantastic career!


Example project