Leaver Profile

The Student Leaver Profile has been developed by the UTC community. It was created by a network of industry partners, students, parents, community leaders, staff and Trustees.

The purpose of our UTC education is to ensure students are career and life ready.

The Student Leaver Profile (SLP) was collaboratively designed by staff, students, parents, industry partners and community members and puts our students’ career and life readiness and the heart of everything we do.

Recognising that becoming career and life ready is multi-faceted, the SLP values:

  • Academic and Technical Knowledge and Understanding – Students at UTC South Durham are supported to meet their potential and beyond in their academic and technical qualifications.
  • Professional and Career Experiences (PaCE) – The experiences that allow students to understand how their qualifications and skills come together in the workplace. Students engage in these experiences in every aspect of their time at UTC South Durham, but particularly through our PaCE curriculum and industry projects.  
  • Core Skills – a set of 6 core skills valued and defined collaboratively. We know that our industry partners want employees who can effectively Communicate, Collaborate, Reflect, Persevere, Organise themselves and operate with Respect.  We support our students to develop these skills both through our curriculum delivery and through our Crew programme.

Core skills


Students are punctual, plan targets and take responsibility for their learning


Students present ideas clearly, speak professionally and listen carefully to others


Students welcome and learn from feedback as well as be critical of their own work


Students are moved outside their comfort zone in order to develop learning and encouraged to give full effort whilst doing so


Students are supported to help others and adapt to different ways of working in order to achieve team goals


Students are educated to act with integrity, be mindful of others and take care of materials and resources

Not solely about academic achievement, but more on personal goals and belief

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