Engineering Manufacture (Cambridge Nationals)

All students at UTC South Durham study Engineering Manufacturing, and have a choice between studying Design Engineering or Systems Control.

Engineering manufacture is a discipline of engineering dealing with different manufacturing practices and processes using the machines, tools and equipment that turn raw materials into new products. This qualification will enable you to study and experience many different engineering materials and engineering processes. It will also allow you to operate the tools and equipment used to make products from the requirements of a design specification, in addition to the relevant computer applications such as CAD/CAM, and CNC equipment.

A practical approach to teaching and learning will provide learners with knowledge in engineering technology and develop critical thinking, creativity and dextrous skills through engaging practical experiences.

The qualification is broken down into 4 mandatory units:

  • Engineering materials, processes and production
  • Preparing and planning for manufacture
  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Quality control of engineered products

More information on the Engineering Manufacturing course can be found here.