All students at UTC study two English GCSE courses in Years 10 and 11: English Language and English Literature.

English at UTC aims to develop students’ skills of retrieval, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, comparison, the crafting of their language and their technical accuracy – all made relevant and transferrable to the world of work.

In English Language, students have the opportunity to recognise and empathise with the viewpoints and perspectives of others, as well as being challenged to think and work creatively whilst reading a variety of 19th and 20th century fiction and non-fiction texts. They also learn how to present their own viewpoints and perspectives on a variety of topics in both spoken and written forms.

In English Literature, students study a variety of poems, plays and prose. They dip into politics and consider socialism versus capitalism; they debate the attributes of good and bad leadership and citizenship; they compare the different perspectives that authors write from. All whilst reading texts from authors such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Owen, Tennyson, Agard, Armitage, Weir, Rumens, and many more!

Look out for:

  • RSC live stream Shakespeare
  • Theatre trips
  • No Pens Day Wednesday
  • Accident investigation
  • World Book Day
  • Get Caught Reading

More information on the English Language and English Literature specificiation can be found here.

Year 10 English Lesson