Mathematics is used every day, everywhere. As well as preparing us for our future lives and careers, mathematics aims to improve confidence and skills in problem solving, logical and analytical thinking, codebreaking and calculation.

Here at UTC, we teach in line with the national curriculum whilst linking mathematics to real-life and industry applications, particularly in the engineering sector. Students are able to improve their workplace skills, and see the relevance of the work that they do when they visit our industry partners.

For GCSE students, we currently follow the AQA scheme of work for Mathematics (8300). This is a linear programme, and students are assessed in three exam papers at the end of Year 11.

There are two tiers of entry- Foundation (Grades 1-5) and Higher (Grades 4-9).

More information on the GCSE course can be found here.

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Maths teacher Andy teaching a Maths class. He is seen pointing at a board with a graph displayed.