A current hot topic of the last couple of years has been the struggle of inspiring Girls and Women into Engineering and STEM courses and roles.

Arianna was an a-Level Student and was in fact the very first student to sign up to us way back when we were just a building site. We have pictures of Arianna here on site before we even had walls with a hard hat inspecting the site with Principal Tom. Just recently, we saw Arianna come into UTC to collect her results (She did great by the way) and head off into a fantastic higher-level apprenticeship programme with Plan Bee in Gateshead.

Arianna will work alongside up to 20 businesses in the coming two years as she navigates her way through a programme that spans varied Engineering and Design disciplines taking a leap into a career in interior design. We could not be more proud of what Arianna has achieved in her time with us and cannot wait to see her career and her designs come to life in the coming few years.