Here at UTC South Durham we got involved in International Women in Engineering Day 2019. We have many budding young female engineers in the building so we thought it apt to let female engineers we know through our business contacts and industry partners to inspire the next generation of women in Engineering and STEM. 

What a day couple of days we had. Our female colleagues did not disappoint and left leaving our young people feeling inspired towards their futures and the endless possibilities that a career in engineering could give them. 

One of our students event reported going home and telling parents exactly the type of engineer, she wanted to be following her studies and how great she thought the sessions were!

A huge part of what we do here is inspiring the next generation, for the future of a career in STEM here in the North East and beyond. It is always so encouraging to see that our young people are striving towards outstanding careers and aiming as high as they possibly can, after all many of these young people will leave our establishment following their technical education working in jobs that currently do not even exist. It is fab to know that we are providing a foundation for that talent and sill right here. 

Thank you to all staff, our students and partners that helped us to facilitate this for our young women.