STEM Challenge: Igloo

A career in Engineering is a rewarding destination for anyone passionate about systems, devices and processes, as well as the application of mathematical and scientific principles.

It can begin with studying hands-on practices like Engineering Manufacturing and Systems Control to roles based around science, technology, construction and manufacturing.

But, while it is important to look at the what, with regards to Engineering, it’s also crucial to focus on the why. So, here at UTC South Durham, we decided to look at the benefits people have from entering an Engineering career. 


High Salary

Maybe this is a slightly cynical point to begin with, but Engineering jobs are predominantly well-paid, with Engineering graduates bringing home a salary that’s - on average – 10% higher than most other graduate positions.

At UTC South Durham, we want to make sure, however, that you are entering your chosen career for all of the right reasons. Check out our Careers Programme page for more information.


Roles are in demand

As there are a whole host of different directions (Chemical, Mechanical, Environmental, Civil and Software, to name but a few) a career in Engineering can take you, there is no shortage in roles. If you are willing to work hard.


Transferable skills

An Engineer is a highly-skilled individual and in many of those traits can be utilised in any other role. Not only can you gain communication and teamwork skills, you can demonstrate an organised and reflective way of working, plus an ability to solve problems and a strong work ethic.


Engineering is challenging, but worthwhile

Many of the tasks you will face will require some creative thinking in order to get past them. There is not always just one route to the solution and sometimes, you will have to think creatively to get there. This can be tough, but it is an ultimately rewarding way of working and something that will provide you with great satisfaction.

At UTC South Durham, we coach our students to persevere and collaborate with others, meaning they are already prepared for life in the Engineering sector, once they have left us. For more information about our Core Skills, click here.


You can change the world

As we’ve already discussed, there are a whole host of career paths you can take as an Engineer and these include cleaning the air we breathe, the water we drink and the planet we live on. Environmental engineering is a quickly-growing sector and as well as job satisfaction, you’ll also see how your desire and actions can make the world a better place, with roles in designing prosthetics and easing world hunger all available.


UTC South Durham is a STEM focused school located on Aycliffe Business Park. We specialise in training and coaching 13-19 year olds who mainly wish to enter a career in Engineering, but we prepare our students for the world of work, whatever industry they are looking to enter.

For more information, please visit our Engineering curriculum page here.