UTC students working on computers

Crew Time is designated time for our students to develop their skills and confidence while working with others on set projects.

Rather than be staff-led in nature, Crews take ownership of their own personal and professional development, leading initiatives such as Charity Days and deciding what they want to learn in this time. Items covered this half term have included How to spot Fake News on the internet and How to Manage your Finances as an Adult.

The aim of Crew Time is to encourage our students to leave UTC South Durham as the people they want to be. That is why we provide each of them with their own Student Leaver Profile.

SLPs are used to document and evidence the skills our students have developed throughout their time at UTC South Durham. We want our young people to not just achieve the qualifications they require to step into a career of their choice, but to develop their core skills.

Through Crew, they work with others and gain:

  • The ability to communicate with others, listening to alternative points of view and putting their own thoughts and ideas forward.
  • The skill of organising themselves, other members of their Crew and their resources, so that projects can be completed on time and to their full potential.
  • The willingness to persevere when projects include obstacles to overcome and problems to solve.
  • The wherewithal to reflect on the result of projects, identifying what went well and what could improvements could be made.
  • The desire to collaborate with other Crew Members, working together towards an agreed objective.
  • The respect in themselves and others, ensuring that each and every Crew Member feels valued and has a part to play in their projects.

For more information on our Core Skills, visit here.

Please be sure to check out our news page to find out what our amazing Crews have been up to this half term.