A student carries out some metal work in the engineering hall at UTC South Durham.

After 2020, it’s clear that STEM subjects are more important than ever. A Scientific understanding of viruses, a Technological development of equipment - as well as both an Engineering and Mathematical education - can all help to prevent the spread of the disease.

The benefits of studying a STEM subject or working towards a career in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths are also clear on a personal – rather than society – level.

The skills you gain from a STEM education are adaptable and transferable. Each subject allows students to critically think and analyse situations, solve problems and work as part of a team, developing communication skills. Furthermore, students studying STEM subjects are often more capable to manage a heavy workload, motivate themselves and keep their time more proficiently.

Other reasons to step into STEM this year are so you can:

  • Inspire the next generation and change the world

One of the wonderful benefits of working in STEM is that you aren’t just helping the current incumbents on this planet of ours, but the ones who are to follow us.


  • New jobs are emerging every day

The interesting thing about this benefit is that many of career routes that students will end up on won’t currently exist. With the development of our world comes more opportunities for pathways to emerge. Fortunately, STEM students will be well-equipped with the skills and – if they attend UTC South Durham – the experience and qualifications to handle any role in the STEM world.


  • STEM subjects develop your professionalism

Being trusted with industry-level equipment – whether it’s in the Science Lab, the Engineering Hall or in the Technology Department – demonstrates how professional and responsible you can be at a young age. Taking and following instructions shows a certain maturity and at UTC South Durham, this will be twinned with a trust that you can work with your own initiative and not have to be monitored throughout each part of the procedure you’re working on.


  • STEM is for everyone!

There is no collective of subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths that allows people of every background and every gender to feel involved mainly for one reason… the development of everyone’s life and wellbeing.


Interested in gaining a STEM education? Apply for a place in Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12 at UTC South Durham here.