Three students hold a Maths puzzle made from cocktail sticks and sweets.

Maths teacher David Myers reflects on a recent trip for a group of Year 10 students:  

On Wednesday 12th February, ten KS4 pupils travelled to Durham sixth form centre to experience Mathsplosion; a conference day aimed at pupils considering studying mathematics beyond GCSE. The Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP) ran several workshops looking at the intricacies of magic squares, the mind bending reality of imaginary numbers, and the origin of a, now classical, branch of mathematics through the bridges of Konigsberg.

The pupils represented the UTC in a tremendous manner through their enthusiasm, confidence and passion to explore subjects that, at first, bear little or no resemblance to anything that in "real world". What was later revealed to them as subjects on the A-level mathematics course, were subjects that they dug deep to understand, focusing on the puzzles, sharing ideas and debating; doing mathematics, for the sake of mathematics.

Their enthusiasm took them one step further as they asked to see the radio room at Durham sixth form. Asking deep questions regarding the engineering involved, staff from the sixth form and AMSP remarked that our UTC pupils, "show a serious interest in anything new to them, not just the shining end-product, but the science to get there. More than that, they are so polite and carry themselves with a professional level of confidence and maturity".

It is always a pleasure to see our pupils thrive, but it is no small pleasure to see them present an unashamed love for STEM subjects and to share it with others.