Students engineering courses at UTC South Durham

During the whirlwind that is Year 11, it’s hard to decide what to do once your GCSEs are done and dusted.

That’s why we spoke to some of our current Sixth Formers and they gave us their personal insight into why they chose to return to UTC South Durham after achieving excellent GCSE results.


  1. Courses

The overwhelming answer that came from the question ‘Why did you stay on at UTC South Durham after your GCSEs?’ was the choice of courses, with many citing the hands-on element to their learning as being a big reason for why they chose to remain at the UTC.

So, if you're looking for somewhere that will give you the freedom to gain a practical workplace experience, read about our Sixth Form curriculum here.


  1. Sixth Form Culture 

It’s not just about the academic side of things. As one of our students, you will feel trusted and respected in the school.

Not only will you be on a first-name term basis with staff, but you also won’t have to adhere to any bells. Additionally, Sixth Form students have their own area to relax and socialise (complete with pool table, kettle and microwave), as well as access to a free gym. It is this independence that will help you to thrive. As one of our current students said: ‘I feel like I am becoming an adult because I’m being treated like one’.


  1. Core Skills

Here at UTC South Durham, we are massive advocates for the next step. We don’t want to see the back of you, but we know that - when the time comes - you’ll be keen to spread your wings and move onto the next adventure. While you’re here, however, we want to make sure you are prepared and capable to face the challenges that come next, whatever they may be.

That’s why we’re so proud of our Student Leaver Profile (SLP), as it will allow you to develop and demonstrate the core skills that are going to get you where you want to be once you leave Sixth Form.

Read more about our Core Skills here.


  1. Industry Experience and Business Engagement

The world of work is vast and interchangeable. Many A-Level students are not aware of the ways they can transfer skills from one industry or sector to another. At UTC South Durham, that won’t be a problem for you.

Thanks to input from our Industry Partners, you will gain a wide range of experiences that will prepare you for life after A-levels, even if you decide to change career later on. Our professional dress code, as well as the longer working days will also make you feel like you are a real part of an industry.

Our current students say that the professional engagement from businesses such as Hitachi, Gestamp Tallent and University of Sunderland played a massive factor in why they stayed on at Sixth Form. As one student proudly put it: 'working at the UTC felt less like a college and more like a job’.

Read more about our Industry Partners here.


  1. Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

As has as already been mentioned, our current Sixth Form students don’t just enjoy being treated as adults, they thrive upon it. One of the reasons you’ll feel as though you’re getting somewhere in life is because you’ll be given a full and well-rounded view of the career opportunities that are available to you when you leave.

The sheer range of these openings - as well as the development of your CV and interview techniques - will give you the confidence to make measured and well-informed decisions about where you want to go and how best to utilise the skills you’ll gain at UTC South Durham.   

Read more about our Careers Programme here.


  1. Destinations

Our students love it here. Absolutely love it (if you don’t believe us, check out our Alumni page). Sadly, however, there’s got to be a time to say goodbye. So, at the end of Sixth Form, we’ll pat you on the back and wipe a tear from our eye, but we’ll know that you'll be ready for the next steps - because of your hard work, dedication to yourself and perseverance.

Your desired destination means the world to us and we are committed to ensuring that you not only get to where you want to be, but are confident in your abilities to achieve great things when you get there. As one of the current Sixth Formers we spoke to said: ‘Studying at UTC South Durham will get me where I want to be’.

Read about our latest cohort of inspirational Sixth Formers here.


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