UTC South Durham students working happily in the Engineering Hall

The mental wellbeing of every student, staff member and visitor to UTC South Durham is of paramount importance to us and, as this week is International Week of Happiness at Work 2020, we thought we’d share some reasons why we’re happy to work here…


  1. The people who have your back

“We’re a family and I always feel supported by my colleagues!”


  1. Playing a part in helping others

“Being able to support and watch students grow in to incredible young adults, is the most rewarding job in the world and fills my heart with so much happiness. I always say that you can’t do this job unless you genuinely care and I can honestly say every student means the world to me.

Students will often ask me why I do the job I do and I always say ‘it’s because I get to work with amazing young people like you.’”


“What makes me really happy is seeing the students learning something new and developing their confidence to take forward into exciting careers. I also enjoy the parents saying how confidence their children have become since joining UTC South Durham and that link between the students gaining the experience here to then, having the confidence to venture into chosen careers really makes me happy.”


“Those moments where you know you’re actually making a difference and seeing them grow into people with massive potential - that makes me really happy.”


  1. Being inspired by the young people we teach

“It’s good working here because the students have chosen to come. They have an interest in being here and that develops into an engagement. They see how UTC South Durham is trying to get them into a career and they appreciate that.”


“When students take the time to turn back and thank us for the support in helping them to achieve their dreams.”


  1. The culture and ethos of UTC South Durham

“The only way I can describe it is that it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. Even my family and friends have noticed a positive change in me, since I started working here.”


“I love coming to work at UTC South Durham because I get to be part of a fantastic team of educators and all of us share a common goal of helping our students to be the best they can be academically, professionally and personally. We provide an all-round education and it's unlike anywhere I've ever worked before.”


  1. And, for our students – past and present – it’s the freedom to learn practical skills in a workplace environment and the support to work towards their desired destinations

“I’m happy here because being able to experiment and try new things on a practical level is how I learn best. I love the independence to develop my own understanding.”


“I’m on to my second full week of my apprenticeship now and it’s brilliant! I’m loving every second of it. I didn’t think my life would turn out like this. If someone had asked me 2-3 years ago what was I going to do, I wouldn’t be able to answer them. But Catherine, Tom and all the teachers have helped me and guided me in the right direction.

I think of UTC South Durham every day as I work because that’s what has started my career off to a huge start and I can’t thank all of the student support staff enough.”


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