Harvey and Dylan

Following on from our news about Tom joining up to train with the Newcastle Falcons and Kyle taking the Motocross world by storm, UTC South Durham have two more rising sports stars in Year 10.

Harvey and Dylan, like Tom, are both rugby-mad and have been invited to train with Newcastle sides, albeit with different disciplines.

While Dylan currently plays for Darlington RSC and has joined Tom in training with the Premiership Union side the Falcons, Harvey plays Rugby League and has been asked to train with Newcastle Thunder.

Both players are accomplished enough that, when their respective coaches were approached by the teams to see if they had any players who could make the next step up, Dylan and Harvey were both on their lists.

Their training now includes more intense gym work, as well as some training games within the teams and work with a professional nutritionist.

For Harvey, who is still recovering from a broken ankle from playing Union with Stockton Rugby Club, he also spends time with a physio, to ensure he is still on the mend from his injury.

Despite a red-hot passion for sport, both students see their futures in directions away from the playing field.

While Dylan has desires of becoming a Formula One Mechanical Engineer, Harvey is interested in a career in Architecture.


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