Case Studies

After our very frst cohort of students left us, we recently did some work to find out where our students went onto. Some went on to some fantastic destinations for work and into further education, here we have more information for you. 

All case study pieces are downloadble or can be viewed in your browser. 

Hannah Beaumont - UTC South Durham Sixth From - A-Level studies

Lee Renaldson - UTC South Durham - UTC Sixth form - Arkwright Scholar

Michael Stephenson - Hitcahi Rail EU - Level 3 Apprenticeship

Steven Lowe - Millmasters - Level 3/4 Apprenticeship

Leia Sunter - Husqvarna - Level 3 Apprenticeship

Bailey Shepherd - University of Sunderland - BA Hons Degree in Engineering

Catherine Elmer - May Green Marketing - Level 3 Apprenticeship

Adam Lowe - Gestamp Tallent - L3 Apprenticeship