Studying A-level Chemistry at UTC South Durham gives you not only the in depth knowledge needed should you wish to continue your studies further, but builds in vital practical and problem solving skills which will be essential in whatever career path you should choose to take.

Completing A level Chemistry will help you if you wish to pursue a career in Chemical or Biochemical Engineering, in medical disciplines or in the field of Forensic Science.  The subject content is delivered in a way which makes it relevant to real world experiences.

At UTC South Durham, our state of the art equipment will allow you to use practical work to support theoretical content.  Where it is not feasible for us to have our own equipment or resources, we are able to utilise the facilities and expertise of our Business Partners and University links.

Alongside A-level Chemistry, you will build up evidence for a separate endorsement of practical skills, which is based on your teachers observing your competency in a range of skills of the scientific method.

The A-Level Chemistry specification can be found here.

6th Form student smiling with teacher over Science work