Parent Feedback

Parent feedback to Ofsted at our January 19 inspection was superb.  In Ofsted’s standard survey there were 94 responses (which is 6 times more than the national average); UTC

Parents really care about the education their children are getting.  All of the free text comments to inspectors were positive messages about the impact the UTC has had on their child.

94% of them would recommend the UTC to other parents, 98% said that their child is happy and 100% said that their child is well looked after at the UTC.  Below is a comparison graph of some of our feedback compare to national and local averages. You can view the full survey results on Ofsted’s own website by clicking here.

Quotes from parents

"I wanted to let you know how my daughter has found the school since taking the very brave plunge of choosing to move here.  She has absolutely blossomed as a confident young woman, from a bullied and nervous girl. Your ways of handling the students and giving them autonomy and work ethos has brought out the best side of her.  She has made a strong group of like-minded and positive influencing friends, and absolutely loves going to school every morning. She feels appropriately challenged, appreciated and highly motivated.  From a parent's point of view, I couldn't be happier with the school and have loudly sung your praises to many other parents. Interestingly, I have not found another parent who disagrees and most people I talk to know someone who started at UTC South Durham and love it, even those that hated academics previously.  I love the communication, and the inclusion, I love that you make it about the students first and I love the opportunities my daughter now has open to her.  Thank you so much for everything. I wish they'd had this school when I came through the system!!  Looking forward to the future."
Year 10 student

"My son has had great start at Hertdfordshire University so far and has done very well in his first exams. A lot of what he covered at UTC has helped him adapt easily to University and he feels it has helped him tremendously. UTC gave him the opportunity to undergo work experience which will be very useful for when he applies for work placements in industry. His attendance at UTC South Durham has opened many doors for his future in engineering.  We are very happy for him having attended UTC South Durham."
Parent of former student

"I am writing this email to emphasise how impressed I am as a parent with my sons progress, it was a big step to leave his old school in September 2018 with all his friends to embark on the fantastic opportunity UTC offer. My son has come on leaps and bounds since moving to your school, he comes home from school excited to tell me what he has been doing and that he is progressing well in."
Year 10 student

What parents have said about UTC South Durham
Parent Responses
"My son has come on leaps and bounds since moving to your school"
Year 10 parent