Refreshments and lunches are available to be purchased on site. 

We have an experienced catering team who supply an excellent range of quality food at breaks and lunchtimes. We operate a cashless system which can be topped up via ParentPay and the cash uploaders on site at the college. 

There are water fountains on every floor and drinks are available throughout the day. Of course, you may bring your own food if you wish. Our cafe-style area of the dining hall is designed so that you can drink, eat, discuss and work in a flexible way.

The sixth form currently have a separate area attached to the dining hall available exclusively for dining or relaxing. It also has a football table for entertainment and tea and coffee making facilities.

Free School Meals

For those students who are entitled to a Free School Meal, this is available to students from 12.00noon -1.30pm. The maximum allowance that students can have is up to £2.75 which is the equivalent to a meal deal. This amount is allocated and reset each day and does not accumulate. A meal deal is a main course and dessert.

You can pay for refreshments using ParentPay

Xmas Lunch


Meal Deals

Menu Tariff

Coffee and Drinks Tariff

"The food here is very, very good. The meals are all fresh and homemade and there is a great choice and range available to us."
Year 11 student