Learning & Revision

Preparing for external examinations can be difficult and scary for students of all ages. Follow our top tips below to maximise your chances of success.

  1. Find the right environment to revise in – somewhere where you can concentrate, you have plenty of desk space and no distractions.  Turn your phone OFF!
  2. Start early – this should be months, and not days before the exam!
  3. Make a revision timetable – be realistic, how many hours a day can you do and then stick to it.
  4. Buy the revision guides – they contain everything you need to learn for each subject.
  5. Take regular breaks – 10 minutes once every hour of study will keep you fresh.
  6. Make revision active – Reading alone isn’t enough.  Make summary notes / mind maps as you go.
  7. Check that it’s working – Is it going in?  Cover up your notes regularly and check what you can remember.
  8. Involve other people – e.g. work with a friend, or give the notes to your parents and ask them to test you.
  9. Attend revision sessions – Here at UTC South Durham we offer sessions across most subjects during the Easter and May Half term holidays.
  10. Ask for help – If something you revise doesn’t make sense, go and see your teacher.
  11. Stick revision notes around the house – e.g. post it notes on the bathroom mirror or revision notes on your bedroom wall.
  12. Exam practice – Do as many past exam questions as you can.  Each subject will provide you with some of these but there are lots more (with answers) online.
  13. Believe in yourself.  Nobody knows everything but you are smart enough to succeed.  Everybody has to go through this!
  14. Smile.  Imagine how good it’ll feel once you’ve finished your final exam.  Imagine how much better it’ll feel when you open up your results in August.