2023 Exam Results

August 2023 saw the UTC’s latest set of destinations and qualification results.  The purpose of the UTC is to help prepare young people for the world of work and to ensure that they are career and life ready.  UTCs are best measured by career progression and destinations; we are very pleased yet again with these outcomes:

  • For our Year 13 leavers:
    • All who wanted to have gone to University and all went to study STEM degrees (including Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Aerospace Engineering, Astrophysics, Cyber Security, Mechatronics, Computer Science).
    • A high proportion have secured Apprenticeships – 6 times the national average – covering a wide range of sectors (including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, maintenance, welding and fabrication, toolmaking, design and IT).
  • Yet again a very high proportion of our Year 11 and 13 leavers have a positive destination in education, employment or training. Our NEET numbers are very low compared with other providers both locally and nationally.
  • The UTC was ranked 7th in the country out of 2300 Post-16 providers for apprenticeship starts from L3 (latest DfE performance tables).
UTC 2023 UTC 2022 UTC 2021 National av Durham av
NEET at age 16* 2% 1% 1% 6% 8%
NEET at age 18* 4% 2% 0% 11% 11%
University 31% 47% 16% 54% 53%
Apprenticeships at 18 33% 30% 38% 5% 9%
% of apprenticeships at L3+ 100% 100% 100% 78% 76%
% of apprenticeships at L4+ 38% 27% 47% 26% 18%

*NEET – Not in education, employment or training, (Data from UTC tracking, DurhamWorks activity survey – March 23, latest national destinations data)


Key Stage 5

We are particularly pleased with our Cambridge Technical results (Mechanical & Design Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Sport).  These showed significant value added and an average grade of Distinction-.

A-level Pass rate* 94%
Average grade for Tech level qualifications Distinction-
Average grade for A levels D+
Average grade for Applied General L3 qualifications Merit
Level 2 Engineering (PEO) qualifications full award 87% completion
GCSE English resit (value added) +0.4
GCSE Maths resit (value added) +0.2

* of results awarded at the end of Year 13

Key Stage 4

The Department for Education is clear that the normal secondary school measure of Progress 8 is not relevant for UTCs.  Firstly, Progress 8 is measured from 11 to 16 and when students come to us they have had three years at other schools.  Secondly, our curriculum is technically focused and driven by employers; students gain qualifications and learn skills that employers are looking for.  While all students study a core of academic qualifications, and most complete 9 or 10 GCSEs or equivalent, the curriculum is not defined by subjects chosen to maximise school performance measures.

Progress 8 from starting points (while at the UTC) +0.01 -0.14
Progress 8 from KS2 (including three years at previous schools)* -1.50 -1.19
Attainment 8 Score  (most likely**) 35.9 34.4   (37.6)
% of students achieving 5+ in English and Maths (most likely**) 20.3% 21.7%   (22)
% of students achieving 4+ in English and Maths (most likely**) 50.0% 36.4%   (46)
% of students entering for the EBacc*** 0% 0%
% of students with positive destinations after leaving 100% 98%

*Note on DfE school performance website

 **Scores in brackets are the most likely outcome based on starting points at the UTC

 ***The UTC curriculum is STEM focused and does not cover the full range of Ebacc subjects

 School Performance Data: View our school performance


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