Product Design (A-Level)

Design and Technology (Product Design - A-Level Design and Technology)

Every product made by humans has been designed and manufactured.  Product designers have a responsibility to design useful products which work well and are efficient and environmentally friendly.  Understanding the design process and being able to communicate ideas are important skills for engineers and manufacturers. 

There is flexibility within the course so that students can chose their emphasis (for example graphical design, architecture, 3D design, technical design).

For additional information on the course, please see here.

A-level Design and Technology: Product Design requires students to engage in both practical and theoretical study. This specification requires students to cover design and technology skills and knowledge as set out below. These have been separated into:

• technical principles

• designing and making principles.


  • Exam 1 – Technical Principles                       2.5 hrs = 30% of final mark
  • Exam 2 –  Designing and Making Principles  1.5 hrs = 20% of final mark
  • Design and Make Project - 50% final mark

Entry requirements:

  • GCSE Grades 4 / 5 in maths and English
  • Previous experience of a D & T subject is very useful, but not essential