STEM Challenges

Our STEM Challenges are here for anyone passionate, excited and interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths!

Designed for students in Key Stages 2 & 3, this series of lessons allow you to learn more about STEM education and take part in some STEM activities. 

With a little help from a grown-up, these exciting tasks can be done in the classroom or at home.

Please see below for our very exciting STEM challenges!

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STEM Challenge: Igloo
Dissolving challenge with Skittles
Origami Challenge - Maths
STEM Challenge - creating your very own earthquake-proof building
STEM Challenges: Welding Game Challenge
STEM Challenge: Static Electricity

Indicators Challenge

An indicator is a substance that tells you whether another substance is an acid or an alkali. This challenge is suitable for Year 3 - 8.

Watch Steve's Cabbage Indicator Challenge here.

Watch Steve's Tea Indicator Challenge here.

Watch Steve's Turmeric Indicator Challenge here.

Carrot Top Challenge

This is a practical Science task which is really easy to do at home or school. All you need are carrot tops and some dishes. Aimed at all ages from Reception - Y6

Dissolving Challenges

These practical Science experiments show what happens when one substance is mixed in with another. Suitable for Reception - Year 8. Younger Scientists may need a grown-up helper.

Watch the Salt v Sugar Challenge tutorial here!

Watch Steve's Hot v Cold Challenge Tutorial here!

Watch Steve's Dissolving Skittles Challenge Tutorial here!

Balloon Car Challenge

Ever wanted to make your own car and make it run? This fun scientific experiment lets you measure the distance on how far and how fast a balloon can make a car go! Perfect for Scientists in Reception - Year 8.

Igloo Challenge (Individuals or Pairs)

This is a practical Engineering/Maths task to construct a small igloo using geometric shapes. Can be done by an individual or in pairs, at school or at home, aimed at ages 9-13.


Watch Jamie construct the Individuals/Pairs Igloo here!


Making an igloo as part of a group
How to make a little igloo, using geometric shapes
How to make a catapult with UTC South Durham's STEM challenges
Carrot challenge with UTC South Durham
Experiment with Friction with these quick and easy experiments

Origami Challenge

This Maths-based challenge demonstrates how your studying of shapes can further show your understanding of dimensions. Suitable for Years 4 - 8.

Watch David's Origami Challenge Tutorial here!

Earthquake Proof Buildings Challenge

This engineering task is perfect for anyone interested in the structurting of buildings and is interested in building models. Great for students in Year 6 - Year 8.

Diffusion Challenge

Diffusion is the movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. It happens in liquids and gases because their particles move randomly from place to place. This challenge is perfect for anyone who may wish to explore how diffusion affects cells and is ideal for scientists in Years 2 - 8.

Friction experiments Challenge

These quick and easy experiments can be enjoyed to learn more about Friction. All you need are some household items, such as a plastic bottle, some rice, a pencil, jelly cubes and some stock cubes. Aimed at all age from Reception to Year 6.

Image Representation Challenge

This Computer Science challenge is perfect for anyone fascinated in numbers, geometry and interested in how computers store images. Suitable for Year 2 - 8.

STEM Challenge: Tea Indicator
STEM Challenge: Image Representation
STEM Challenge: Diffusion
STEM Challenge: Balloon Car
STEM Challenge: Binary

Catapult Challenge

This is a practical Science/Technology task to construct a catapult from lolly sticks. Some items will need to be bought in preparation for this task and a glue gun is required. Best suited for a school environment. Aimed at ages 7-11.

Igloo Challenge (For groups)

This is a practical Engineering/Maths task to construct an igloo using geometric shapes. Can be done by a group at school with adult supervision and using a large space. Lots of cardboard needed, aimed at ages 9-13.


Watch our Large Igloo Tutorial here!

Welding Game Challenge

This challenge is a great chance to have a go at Virtual Welding at home or at School. Suitable for students in Years 6 - 8.

Static Electricity Challenge

Expand your scientific mind with this fun experiment, using balloons to find out more about Static Electricity. Perfect for Reception age and up.

Binary Numbers Challenge

Binary is how data in computers is stored and transmitted as a series of zeros and ones. This challenge looks closer at how we can use these two symbols to communicate, as they represent words and numbers and is perfect for any mathematician in Year 3 - 8.