Women in STEM

UTC South Durham is committed to providing girls and young women with the skills, opportunities, advice and encouragement, which will support them as they prepare for a career in an Engineering or STEM discipline.

 “61,430 more women work in core STEM in 2017 than in 2016” according to WISE.  Whilst this is a positive change, supported by an increase in the number of women graduating in a STEM subject and the number of women completing relevant apprenticeships, only 21% of the STEM workforce is female.

“The UK will need an additional 1.8 million new engineers and technicians by 2025” according to Engineering UK.  UTC South Durham believe that it is our role to develop the talent of our girls and give them the confidence to be highly successful in the STEM sector.

Additional information to inspire the next generation of STEM careers for women can be found here.

Female 6th form student presenting project
"As an A-level chemistry teacher at UTC I really enjoy working to inspire the next generation of professional young women into their STEM careers. Their futures look exciting"
JH - Vice Principal and Chemistry Teacher

Inspiring young women into STEM careers