Our school uniform and dress code mirror the professional working environment and we expect our students to adopt a professional manner and appearance. In Years 10 and 11 students wear a business-style uniform. All students wear appropriate protective clothing (dust coat, safety boots, and goggles) in practical lessons and workshops. The protective clothing, used primarily in the engineering hall, is provided free of charge at UTC for all students.

Once you have accepted a place with us, please contact our school uniform supplier to order. New student uniform costs can be subsidised, for additional information and to find out if your child is eligible please contact our finance team on: 01325 430 250

TC Embroidery

Email: admin@teamcontracts.co.uk
Website: https://tcembroideryutc.co.uk/
Phone: 0191 691 1367

You can also order and pay for additional clothing items and accessories on their website. Sizes and prices are detailed on their website. All other items may be purchased from high street stores.

School uniform/dress code items are delivered to the UTC on a weekly basis.

The items in italics below are mandatory and must be purchased from our uniform supplier. A full list of the uniform items is available to download below.


  • Dark grey suit - jacket and trousers/skirt
  • School tie (free of charge compliments of the UTC)
  • Lapel pin (free of charge compliments of the UTC)
  • White shirt
  • Black socks, black/neutral tights
  • Black shoes


  • Polo shirt
  • Hooded top
  • Black shorts/skirt
  • White socks
  • Black tracksuit trousers
  • Trainers


  • Dust coat (available free of charge to all students at UTC)
  • Safety boots (available free of charge to all students at UTC)

N.B. UTC South Durham does provide PPE (dust coat and safety boots) for all students. However, please note that these items are pre-warn and will be sanitised after every use. If students require their own PPE, they can purchase boots and a dust jacket from our uniform supplier.

Uniforms are worn by Year 10 and 11 students only.