Sixth Form Bursary


The UTC’s bursary funds are designed to support young people to be able to access the specialist education at the UTC and to remove barriers to fantastic careers.  There are two types of bursary awards available to students at the UTC Sixth Form:

Discretionary Awards.  If your combined household income is less that £20,000, you may be entitled to a discretionary bursary.  The bursary is a flexible award and is given on a case by case basis.  This can cover, transport, books, equipment and career experiences.  We have some dedicated laptops you can use to support your learning and normally include a food subsidy on the days you are at the UTC. 

Vulnerable Student Bursary.  A fixed award of £1200 for students in care or who are care leavers, those who are financially supporting themselves and those who receive benefits in their own right. 

The policy and application form can be found below.

A female student in the electronics lab at UTC

Sixth Form Bursary Policy

Sixth Form Bursary Form